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Your access to the Discord server has been permanently restricted on account of continued passive-aggression toward staff members that is rooted in personal malice and not constructive criticism. For instance, you have an unpleasant habit of making snide remarks about "a certain patroller" that you have a history with. These comments are individually minor enough that I almost don't catch them sometimes, but in sum they contribute to a broader pattern of disrespect that is discouraging to the staff members who work very hard to keep the wiki running and definitely not encouraging to other editors.

You're welcome to edit the wiki itself, but you need to realize that carrying this amount of spite in interpersonal engagements is not healthy for you or for the community as a whole. —Atvelonis (talk) 20:29, 24 May 2021 (UTC)

You've been banned from the server previously. After a certain number of infractions our policy is to make the length indefinite. That doesn't necessarily mean infinite, it could be "until further notice" (it is not unheard of for us to lift chat bans if we have a good reason). But I will remind you of the server's description in the rules:
"This is the official Discord server for The Elder Scrolls Wiki, hosted by Wikia, Inc, being operated by wiki staff. It exists primarily to facilitate wiki editing and knowledge-sharing, and secondarily as a social space."
i.e. if you are going to send memes and whatnot, that's okay, but doing so while exhibiting hostility toward other users, especially in regard to editing, is a different matter.
To respond to your specific complaints: your edits are not being "targeted" per se. Patrollers have to review all the edits that get made to the wiki, and that includes yours. I try to be nice when I talk to users about their edits so as not to come down like a ton of bricks, so maybe I have not been explicit about this, but you do often make revisions that contain misleading or incorrect information, do not adhere to the style guide, break a template in some way, or are not necessarily encyclopedic. Certainly many of your edits are good, and job duties notwithstanding, maybe it is not unfair to suggest that the patrollers can be nitpicky. But let's not operate under the assumption that they are making changes for no reason.
Generally speaking, if you have an issue with the way the patrollers are reviewing your edits, it is appropriate to reach out to them on their talk pages. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you can also reach out to an administrator to speak on your behalf. If this is happening with your edits more than other users, it is probably because you personally have a habit of editing very boldly. I have seen this in plenty of other editors too, and we encourage it, but we also have to remind people that "If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly or redistributed by others, do not submit it." This is not a personal blog, so anything you or I write is going to be heavily modified by other people over time. That is just the nature of wikis.
If a patroller has added "incorrect information" in response to one of your edits, I would again suggest reaching out to them or myself. We are actual humans with functioning brains, not robots, so a discussion can help clear things up. We can't address issues that we are not asked to look into.
P.S. the premise of this ban is not that you are "talking about" any particular user, but that you are being passive-aggressive in doing so. This is rude and not helpful to anyone. —Atvelonis (talk) 21:55, 24 May 2021 (UTC)
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