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  • I live in Solitude

    Lol jk

    (This bio is meant for The Elder Scrolls fandom, sorry Fallout.)


    -Fandom is amazing

    -People here are awesome....actually I hate everyone

    -Builds and fanfics are the best

    -I was kidding about hating everyone...just most people

    Schedule: I post builds and fanfictions whenever I'm in the writing mood, and I will answer any questions that you might have. I usually write fanfics, but if you want me to create a build, feel free to tell me. I am also a YouTube creator with Hail The Empire. Our channel is The Elder Scrolls HQ. We make lore videos and funny let's plays.
    A little about me:

    First of all, don't listen to me I'm stupid😂 like when I said I hate everyone.

    My motto: Dont hate, appreciate!

    My corny AF joke: What do call a khajiit that uses only his fists? Ma'iq Tyson!

    (I deeply apologize)

    -Joined April 9 2017

    My real name is Bryson and I live in California. I love elder scrolls and this community is incredible. I love to post and spend time on this fandom and this is such a good place for all fans of the elder scrolls. Hit me up on instagram @mc_bryson21. Also go watch our YouTube channel: The Elder Scrolls HQ. One thing I really hate is when people spoil quests for others. Please dont do this or I will be forced to rip out your intestines and strangle you with them.

    lol jk

    Thats a quote from Sheogorath if you didn't know.

    My very first post:
    Good times man.

    Look up our youtube channel!

    The Elder Scrolls HQ

    Look me up on Elder Scrolls Legends! My username is Henvir! Feel free to add me as a friend!

    Play with me on Xbox! My gamertag is Meatball p!

    Im also Sheogorath200CHEESE's apprentice. Seriously, look at her bio!

    My top 5 favorite games:
    1: Skyrim
    2: AC4
    3: Fallout 4
    4: Oblivion
    5: Morrowind
    Message to new people:
    Being the lore whore that I am in the elder scrolls universe, if you have any questions about anything elder scrolls related, do not be afraid to ask. Me, my friends and the mods will do our best to answer all of your questions.

    "The Group": We're the annoying but fun people who spent most of our time on the good ol' off topic posts. Good times man. Members are me Sheo, Spartan, and Dovah.

    Norc tribe: Our grand leader who's on mountains of moon sugar, Dovahorc!

    Club of Madness: Praise to our cheese loving leader Sheogorath2000CHEESE!

    Enforcer's and Sage Skooma co: ESS for short. Enforcerkcyre and I run this service.

    Pact of Immortality: SpartanWarriorMage is our leader and I am his luitenant general. Other members are Sheogorath2000CHEESE, redmatt007, enforcerkcire, Marko the Dragonborn and Hail the Empire.
    My character:
    Sage McKaw: The Dovahkiin badass who travels the land with his trusty steward Valdimar. He doesn't hate the Daedra, and sometimes even understands them and their views, well, at least those who don't try to take over the world by killing everyone *cough* Molag *cough*. Sage is an extreme alchohal drinker and loves all foods, no matter what it is.
    Fun people: Marko the dragonborn, Dovahorc, Hail The Empire, Sheogorath2000CHEESE, Spartanwarriormage, Prophecy of the urine, Enforcerkcyre, hidden crow, redmatt207, thecrocodiles, herma-mora's champion.

    People I talk to the most:
    Hidden crow
    Hermamora's champion

    Chat with me here my dudes:

    For those people who use the actual wiki instead of the /d, this is a useful tool that allows you to see how many times you've edited, even on mobile:

    Maybe someday.....
    😂😂just for personal reference lol
    Current series':

    Markov's Fury

    Stories of the Young Sage McKaw
    -No low effort posts
    -No roleplaying
    -No trash talking

    Actually screw that, who follows the rules anyway!?

    I'm kidding, i'd get banned for life if I wasn't joking😂

    Here's the good stuff: builds, and stories. Support them if you enjoy, and give me constructive critisism if they need improvement!


    Markov's Fury:

    MF Chapter one

    MF Chapter two

    MF Chapter three

    MF Chapter four

    MF Chapter five

    MF Chapter six

    MF Chapter seven

    MF Chapter eight

    MF Chapter nine

    Stories of the Young Sage McKaw:

    To Save a Family: episode one

    "Mother's gonna beat me:" episode two
    I will continue to update my bio with links to my builds and chapters of my fanfics.
    My builds:

    The pirate:
    The reaper:
    The Madman:
    The Butcher:
    The Rihad Bounty Hunter:
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