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Don't delete things from your talk page, the admins don't like it when people do that. Talos guide you Kinsmen Speak Citizen! 03:52, April 19, 2014 (UTC)


Look Shadowthief, I know that since I said that Lore: City Overview is pointless in the Windhelm page you have started to shove it in the Eastmarch page. It doesn't belong there. If you want to talk about this then lets talk but don't add things where they aren't supposed to be. Talos guide you Kinsmen Speak Citizen! 14:20, April 19, 2014 (UTC)


None of the other edits you made on the holds' pages belonged there. Those pages are for the holds not the cities of the hold. All your edits were about the capitals. If you were so inclined to add things then them in the right place. Also being spiteful and quitting the wiki over one argument is premature and immature. But if you want to leave fine. Talos guide you Kinsmen Speak Citizen! 18:57, April 19, 2014 (UTC)

Leaving a wiki behind because your edits were denied is simply ridiculous and frankly childish. This is exactly why I explicitly claimed in your Chat Mod application that we should revert to the previous 500 edits quota for any staff members.
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