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Welcome, Super Skrub!

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Hello Super Skrub, welcome to the Elder Scrolls Wiki! We're building a collaborative source of information for The Elder Scrolls, and we need your help!

We saw you making some changes to our articles and thank you for it. We hope you choose to further this project, and we hope to see you around in the future. If you choose to stay, here are some links to help you out:

I hope you enjoy editing here! If you have any questions, see the help pages or ask one of our administrators.

--CarloV3r (talk) 21:55, February 4, 2018 (UTC)

Armor Gold ValuesEdit

Excellent work on the armor lately, however there are also gold values that level with the armor types. It's the same situation with the Ornate trait on items. Any chance you know the gold values of those armor sets? —This unsigned comment is by The Dagonator (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Book location Edit

Hi Super Skrub, thank you for your contributions to the wiki recently. I have a quick question: where in the ruin did you find the Almalexia and the Mudcrab book? On a bookshelf, or lying on a table somewhere? —Atvelonis (talk) 18:57, January 25, 2019 (UTC)

I found it at the end of the ruin, near the delve boss' spawn, on a bookshelf. Super Skrub (talk) 20:05, January 25, 2019 (UTC)
Ok, thanks for the quick response. The bookshelf spawns in ESO are actually mostly randomized, so we don't typically record them as locations. What's more useful to readers is static locations, where they can guarantee that they will be able to find the books 100% of the time. So try to keep this in mind in the future. Thanks! —Atvelonis (talk) 21:27, January 26, 2019 (UTC)

Page renames Edit

Hi Super Skrub, once again thank you for your help with the ESO pages, it's always nice to see people contributing in that regard. I had something to comment on quickly: when you rename a page as you did with Hireling earlier, you should remember to set up a disambiguation page linking to the different things with that name instead of leaving it as a redirect. This is mostly a courtesy for readers, so that they don't have to spend a long time searching something out.

You should also remember to use the "WhatLinksHere" page (there should be a link to it on "My Tools" on your toolbar) to determine what other articles on the wiki are still referring to this thing by its old name, and update them accordingly to reflect the new name. This is again a courtesy for readers so that they have to click fewer links. Sometimes the context of the link means it's inappropriate to assign it to a specific page, in which case it's fine to leave it pointing to the disambig (e.g. lore stuff). Let me know if you have any questions! —Atvelonis (talk) 03:43, January 29, 2019 (UTC)

Character images Edit

Hi Super Skrub, I saw the image you uploaded yesterday, "File:Nearonel.jpg," and wanted to offer some quick feedback. Overall the image is quite good, but the wiki has a couple policies in place for character images for most of the games. In short, they have to be full-body images (head to toe), and they have to be cropped to exactly a 3:5 aspect ratio in order to fit best into the infobox. You should also try to upload native PNG images, rather than JPGs or JPG → PNG conversions (there's an option to save an uncompressed screenshot in Steam's settings). I've written a guide on perfecting character images here if you want to use it as a reference. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, and have fun editing! —Atvelonis (talk) 04:02, January 31, 2019 (UTC)

Good work! —Atvelonis (talk) 16:04, March 7, 2019 (UTC)

Appearances Edit

Hi, I just wanted to check on a few edits like this. Typically if something appears only in the DLC, we will only list the DLC in ==Appearances==. We will use the base game with a sub-bullet formatting if it appears without the DLC installed, and with the DLC installed. I'm fairly certain (although not positive) that this skill is not in the base game, so it should probably not have the base game listed as an appearance. Could you clarify that for me? Thanks. —Atvelonis (talk) 16:34, March 23, 2019 (UTC)

No, It's not in the base game. Sorry, I didn't know, I'll change it right away.Super Skrub (talk) 16:49, March 23, 2019 (UTC)
No worries, and thank you for the quick response. —Atvelonis (talk) 17:00, March 23, 2019 (UTC)

Reuploads Edit

Hey, great work with the images. When you're re-uploading a higher-quality version of an image, you should remember that whatever you put in the file summary on the upload page will actually appear like an edit summary, but won't change the contents of the file description. So you will have to do that manually to remove the {{Imagequality}} notice or whatever else. Keep up the good work! —Atvelonis (talk) 07:25, April 3, 2019 (UTC)

Nice job!Edit

Have a fishy stick!
CarloV3r has awarded you a Fishy stick! Awesome job on those ESO images, keep it up!
CarloV3r (talk) 11:14, April 5, 2019 (UTC)
Thanks! —Super Skrub (talk) 12:19, April 5, 2019 (UTC)

Class Edit

Hey, just a note that the class variable for ESO chars is reserved for their pickpocket class, not some arbitrary characteristic. So when you sneak behind them and are hidden a popup should appear with the proper class. And that is what should go as the parameter. So also don't add "N/A" unless you're absolutely certain that they have no pickpocket class. —Atvelonis (talk) 04:09, April 7, 2019 (UTC)

If you mistakenly added "N/A" to NPCs whose PP class you didn't check, it would be a good idea to go back and double-check them. Just to be sure. Thanks. —Atvelonis (talk) 04:14, April 7, 2019 (UTC)
I know, Ghost is a pickpocket class, I can send you a screenshot if you need confirmation. The 4 characters, Hrorleid, Belknar, Ogmir, and Skavwulf the Maul, doesn't have pickpocket classes for some reason.  Super Skrub (talk) 16:23, April 7, 2019 (UTC)
Interesting, I've never encountered that before. A screenshot just to give me peace of mind would be appreciated. —Atvelonis (talk) 05:17, April 8, 2019 (UTC)
Since Discord's not opening for me, I've uploaded it to Imgur:
Super Skrub (talk) 05:56, April 8, 2019 (UTC)
I see, thank you for the screenshots! —Atvelonis (talk) 02:02, April 10, 2019 (UTC)

Categorizing imagesEdit

Hi Super Skrub,

Please make sure to correctly categorize your images while uploading them to the wiki, you've forgotten a couple of times. If you don't know in which category the images belong, feel free to contact a staff member about it! Hope this helps!—CarloV3r (talk) 12:48, April 8, 2019 (UTC)

ESO gear iconsEdit

Hi Super Skrub,

I just noticed I've actually been uploading a couple of the same ESO icons as you have. Mine appear to be in higher resolution, so I was wondering where you're getting your icons from and if my method of getting them might be easier? Thanks!—CarloV3r (talk) 07:29, April 11, 2019 (UTC)

I get the images by cutting it out in-game. I don't really know how to extract mnf files, although its probably better quality and easier.
Super Skrub (talk) 20:27, April 11, 2019 (UTC)

Image sourcing Edit

Hey, when you upload images from off-site, you should provide the exact URL where you found the image, not just the website (example). You can pipe the link as the site name, but it has to be 100% traceable back to the original source. I would also suggest archiving the off-site link in the Wayback Machine so that it will always be accessible somehow. —Atvelonis (talk) 14:39, May 21, 2019 (UTC)

Elsweyr licensing Edit

Hey, sorry, I forgot to get the image licensing templates working the other day, but they're on my licensing page now. Keep up the good work. —Atvelonis (talk) 07:15, May 28, 2019 (UTC)

Shops/stalls Edit

Hey Super Skrub, good work as usual. It's nice to have you editing Elsweyr content. I had a minor clarification: if a location like Meandering Moons Boutique can be described as a stand/stall, it should be categorized as such (and noted as such in the infobox, under "Type"): Category:Elsweyr: Stalls. The category Category:Elsweyr: Shops is only used for enterable buildings. So if you could correct that for any pages you made and keep it in mind in the future, I would appreciate it. Thanks. (I will join you in content documentation at some point, but I need to finish up some maintenance first.) Thanks. —Atvelonis (talk) 20:00, May 31, 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the clarification, I'll keep it in mind. Super Skrub (talk) 20:15, May 31, 2019 (UTC)
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