aka Tod Karlson

  • I live in Idaho Falls, ID
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Experimental Reactor Operator
  • I am Male
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---- Jimeee (Talk) 17:57, June 8, 2012

Hey there, im brand new to this game and ive been reading all i can on this site. Trying to see the best way to  build up myself but also my money. Is there anway that you could possibly give me even more info. Thanks in advanc68.3.187.144 23:34, August 2, 2014 (UTC)

Sorry for taking so incredibly long to make a reply.  I didn't realize you had posted your question here.  I image that by now you have already figured out the game for yourself, or given up.  Anyway, for the benefit of anyone else who wonders in here.  I have accumalated MILLIONS in gold and MILLIONS more in gems by adhering to simple principles that apply in real life.  The first thing you need to do to begin accumalating wealth is establish a residence where you can accumalate that wealth.  Nomads CANNOT achieve great wealth.  The thing that brought the human race to where we are now is that early humans stopped roaming around looking for food and settled down, and then they built on their past accomplishments, instead of each generation being a repeat of the last.  I digress; back to Skyrim.  The first place I used was the house you get in Whiterun.  It's close to the gate & the blacksmiths next door let you use their stuff for crafting.  Anyway, the key thing is that you absolutely need a place to put stuff where it won't disappear after awhile, and for that you need houses.  So, once you have a place you can loot bodies to your heart's content and slowly build great wealth.  In my gameplay I took advantage of the artificiality of the game that exceeding your carry weight only inhibits your ability to run, jump and fast travel.  Owning a horse solves the fast travel issue, so it is essential you get a horse ASAP, especially since they fixed the game to make it so you can fight on horseback.  TodKarlson (talk) 14:52, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

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Your poor horse.Edit

Have you considered playing through the Dark Brotherhood questline and picking up Shadowmere?  The (literally) damned thing regenerates health better than Wolverine, and its Leeroy Jenkins tendencies are offset by the fact that it's perfectly capable of kicking a dragon to death.  Plus, it has freaking glowing red eyes. Darthwebb13 (talk) 11:14, July 17, 2016 (UTC)

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