Usheeja's House is the residence of Usheeja and is located within the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City. This two story house with a basement is a standard city house. On the first floor is a reception room with a larger dining table in the middle, set for dinner. In the corner next to it is a food cupboard and more food items. There is a shelf with miscellaneous items, some sacks and barrels and an unlocked chest scattered around the room.

Usheeja's Private QuartersEdit

Usheehas house PQ

The private quarters.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Usheeja has her double bed in one of the corners, leaving the alcove for some reading and rest. She also have a small table and chair besides one of the two unlocked chests she has, the other one is at the foot of the bed.

Usheeja's BasementEdit

Usheehas house basement

The basement.

The basement is the larger variant with barrels, sacks, crates, and two easy-locked and leveled chests.



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