"I don't belong here. I'm not crazy. Not like the rest of them. They watch me, you know. Waiting for me to go crazy. But I won't. Nope."

Uungor quote

Uungor is a Bosmer commoner residing in the city of Bliss, New Sheoth. In dialogue, he claims that he does not belong in the Shivering Isles, because he believes that he is sane.


Falling AwakeEdit

Uungor plays a main role in the quest "Falling Awake." The Hero is asked by Amiable Fanriene to help find a place that he can sleep without the fear of the walls and statues collapsing on him.

The Hero can have Uungor trade his sleeping bag on the streets for Amiable's home. Uungor will be slightly suspicious, but will agree nonetheless and move in with Amiable.


  • If Uungor dies, his tombstone in the New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "Uungor finally got out of the city. Sheogorath watch over his spirit."


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