Uvele Berendas is a Dunmer priest who takes up residence at Indarys Manor after the Redoran Stronghold is built, and cannot be found prior to this. If the Nerevarine is a member of House Redoran and is ranked Oathman or higher, he offers potions and spells for sale, along with custom spellmaking services at his house. Uvele attacks members of House Hlaalu or House Telvanni on sight. He is not involved in any quests, and does not provide any unique information.


This character sells the following spells:


  • Daedric Bite spell can only be purchased from this character.
  • Uvele's aggression toward Hlaalu members can be avoided if the Nerevarine takes advantage of the loophole that allows membership in both House Redoran and House Hlaalu.


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