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Vaermina's Torpor is an alchemical draught found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that forces the subject into a dream-like state, where they witness the memories of another person.


Usually only present in the memories as an observer, sometimes "The Dreamstrider" faces peril. Once the draught wears off, the drinker appears in the location where the memory ended. Observers of the drinker notice that they disappear from plain view and materialize in other locations, sometimes dead.


Waking Nightmare[]

The Dragonborn locates the mixture in Nightcaller Temple and uses it to traverse the memories of Brother Casimir. This allows them to dispel a magical barrier that isolates the Skull of Corruption for the rest of the temple. The draught is found in the Laboratory of the Temple, resting on a shelf.


  • If it is attempted to be used outside Nightcaller Temple, the Torpor will reappear in the Dragonborn's inventory and a message will pop up saying the item cannot be used in the current location.
  • This item can be kept after the conclusion of the quest if it is not imbibed when prompted by Erandur. Instead, the Dragonborn can use a wooden plate to press through the wall leading to the Skull of Corruption. They can then backtrack through the temple to where the soul gem is generating the barrier. Once taken, speaking to Erandur will resume the quest as if the Dragonborn had consumed the Torpor. The Dragonborn keeps the item, and may deposit it elsewhere, as it is no longer a quest item.
  • Three ingredients for Vaermina's Torpor can be found in Skyrim's files, but they were cut from the game.[1]