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Vaermina is the Daedric Prince of dreams, nightmares, and torment. She is involved in the Daggerfall Covenant questline in Stormhaven, serving as the mastermind antagonist by using her followers, the Supernal Dreamers, to extract punishment on High King Emeric. She is met in the Quagmire through a portal from Emeric's Dream, where she speaks through the Statue of Vaermina.

She is also involved in the corruption of Skald's Retreat and Hozzin's Folly.


Godrun's Dream[]


Vaermina's Gambit[]

In Emeric's Dream, once the High King is freed from his bonds, Vaermina will say to you ethereally "I would speak to you again, mortal. Come to the mirror, to Quagmire." and summon one of her mirrors to serve as a portal to her realm, the Quagmire. Once traveled through, Vaermina will talk to you through her statue, telling you of her intentions to make you her new consort. As you refuse, she will make you choose a mirror to escape, and will spawn you back to the her realm if you choose the wrong one.

Hozzin's Folly[]


Song of Awakening[]




Covenant Quest: Vaermina's Gambit

In Quagmire, Vaermina will speak to you through her statue:

"I'm impressed, mortal. You navigated my nightmares without losing your nerve, and yes, you have saved your little king... for now."

I'll save him again if I have to.
"Of course you will. You have slain my consort as well. I'll get over my loss, but I think I'll keep you here for a while in his stead. Perhaps a century or two will teach you humility..."

We'll see about that.
"Perhaps we will. You have proven resourceful in the past. Even if you escape Quagmire, mortal, you will not escape my vengeance. I can be patient, very patient. Goodbye... for now."