"My wife! She joy of my life."

Valrendil is an Altmer and defector of the Aldmeri Dominion residing next to Deep Graves, Shadowfen.


Valrendil was a Dominion military with many medals who defected his alliance to pursue a dream of decades: to revive his dead wife, Alanya. A beautiful Altmer, she had a sudden and unavoidable death, one he could not overcome.[1]

He escaped to the region of Deep Graves, southern of Shadowfen, in Black Marsh, and settled near under the permission of Xijai-Teel. He believed the Hist would bring Alanya back to life, a task mysteriously completed.[1]

For his desertion, the Aldmeri Dominion considered him a wanted Mer, placing a bounty upon his death, claiming him to be "delusional and prone to sympathize with enemy Argonians."[1]

Living in a cave, completely changed into his house, he was oblivious when wisps posed a threat to the locals, leading to the events of "A Stranger Uninvited" and "Broken Apart."


A Stranger UninvitedEdit

Xijai-Teel welcomed a traveling High Elf to Deep Graves, but she believes he has something to do with the wisps' recent aggression.

Broken ApartEdit

To rid the area of her corrupting influence, Xijai-Teel and I cleansed the ancient vessel. We need it capture the wispmother in Deep Graves.



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