"The dead should be made to serve the living, not the other way around!"
―Vals Veran[src]

Vals Veran is a Dunmer necromancer who can be found at Hillgrund's Tomb, the resting place for Golldir's ancestors. He can be found in the final chamber of the tomb, along with a large number of draugr. He is the main antagonist of the quest "Ancestral Worship."


Ancestral WorshipEdit


Vals Veran uses teleportation spells quite a bit, and is very hard to hit consistently (using a Damage Magicka or a Decrease Magicka regeneration potion on a weapon is effective).

Regardless, he is a relatively easy foe, as he can be beaten by the Dragonborn at a very low level.

With enough attack power, it is possible to kill him before he initiates battle by power-attacking him in the middle of the conversation between him and Golldir. This will not prevent the draugr from attacking, though.


Vals: "The dead should be made to serve the living, not the other way around!"
Golldir: "I'll return my ancestors to Sovngarde, and you with them!"
Vals: "Sovngarde is a myth, you s'wit! And now you can join your ancestors in service to me."


  • He is the author of the note, Letter to Golldir.
  • It is possible to instant kill Vals Veran before having to face him by sneaking into the final chamber and shooting him with an arrow while he is talking to Golldir, or just as entering the room, near the stair-steps. This works as long as he is shot while he is still talking and has not teleported yet. The Dragonborn's Archery skill may need to be high for this to work, as well as poisons to help in damaging him.
  • If many of the draugr have been killed or Veran has taken enough damage, he will attempt to flee to the steps of the final chamber and into the antechamber, where he will cower in fear until slain.


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  • If he is killed with a melee finishing move while teleporting, the finishing move will play out and succeed in killing him, even though he will have disappeared.
  •  PC   If Vals is resurrected and converted into friendly, every time when the Dragonborn attempts to interact with him, he immediately teleports within the room.


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