"We stand at the tomb of Hevnoraak, who has been dead for many generations. I fear, however, that his return may be at hand."

Valthume is an ancient Nordic tomb in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Located southeast of Markarth in the Reach, it serves as the tomb of a Dragon Priest named Hevnoraak. It can also be reached by going up the hill, to the southwest of Gloomreach.

Since it is not the location of any non-radiant quest, this dungeon is easy to miss. However, it is not possible to get all levels of all Dragon Shouts without it.


  • Valthume
  • Valthume Catacombs
  • Valthume Vestibule



There are a great number of leveled Draugr here as well as the Dragon Priest Hevnoraak. One of the difficulties is that oftentimes there are a number of enemies at once, which at higher levels, can be very difficult to handle. Conjuration spells, a fully upgraded daedric warhammer or Sanguine Rose can be used to fend off enemies and it helps to be able to use chokepoints and the like to avoid being overwhelmed. Fire Breath is a very useful Shout to use in this dungeon: just one word of power can be very powerful against Draugr Wights and Deathlords. It helps to be proficient in a ranged as well as a melee style of combat as you will likely either run out of magika or simply not be able to deal enough damage to kill everyone engaging you before your arrows can take them out.

Enemy types


File:Valthume entrance.jpg

Entrance to the Valthume

  • Pressure buttons causing lamps to fall in oil.
  • Large trap door in floor, looks like a metal grate. If you fall, you will land in a pit with a small tunnel off of it. There are four frostbite spiders and a draugr in the tunnel, and an expert locked door. Key can be found on the draugr.
  • Upon entering the Valthume catacombs, there is a trip-wired chest that releases a giant frostbite spider.
  • A pressure plate, that seems like it is supposed to activate swinging axes is seen down the first hallway in the catacombs.
  • Soul gems that shoot fire can also be found. The best way to take care of these is to shout at them any of your shouts, Unrelenting Force or Kyne's Peace are the best for this. Or shoot them with a bow to knock them off of the pedestals. A more difficult, way is to just run and maybe use a resist fire potion, or grabbing the soul gems before passing down the hallway they shoot into. There is a separate room with a Draugr Deathlord in it before you come upon the flame hallway. It will be closed with a metal grate, the pull chain is very nearby. There is also a vessel in this room, so if you have the quest arrows for the vessels, make sure to move or take the soul gems before you continue to the third vessel.
  • Pressure plate activating a swinging spike wall.
  • When you pick up the iron claw, the four statues around you will begin to breathe fire. Grab it and run.
  • There is also a swinging log, when you open a door.

Notable loot

Dragon Shouts




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