"On Cyrodiil's northern border is the sparsely populated mountain wilderness called the Valus Mountains."

The Valus Mountains run along the border of eastern and northeastern Cyrodiil, where they act as a border between the Imperial Province and Morrowind.

The Valus Mountains are a particularly rugged section of the province. The weather is often snowy and visibility is poor. The region is lightly forested with evergreen trees, and hardscrabble brown grass grows year-round. As the range slopes south, however, it becomes more mild and green grasses and deciduous trees can be found in the foothills leading to the Nibenay Basin.

Look for wide fields of scattered grey boulders. They are both indicative of the region's geology and excellent tactical cover.

The region's remoteness lends to its lawlessness, and Camonna Tong Thugs can be found in high camps of the mountains. The region is also one of the few in Cyrodiil with neither an official road nor river.

Fauna and Flora[edit | edit source]

By far the most abundant plant in the mountains is the Clouded Funnel Cap. In lower, more temperate regions, plants such as Milk Thistle, Monkshood, Motherwort Sprig and the rare tree-based mushroom Tinder Polypore Cap grow.

These mountains are mainly home to deer, wolves, bears and mountain lions.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Lake Arrius in the lower Valus Mountains. The higher peaks of the range can be seen in the background.

The Valus Mountains had no serious urban development during the Third Era.

Ayleid Ruins[edit | edit source]

Camps[edit | edit source]

Caves[edit | edit source]

Fort Ruins[edit | edit source]

Other areas of interest[edit | edit source]

Hero Hill, one of the landmarks in the Valus Mountains.

Despite the region's relatively small size, cold temperatures, and extreme elevations, it is a surprisingly lively section of the world. A tragic story of revenge as well as a charming view can be found at Dive Rock. Boethiah, bestower of the powerful Goldbrand, has a shrine high up in these mountains.

There is no clearly marked path to the shrine, and it can be difficult to reach. Hero Hill lies in the foothills of the Valus, up a number of poorly maintained stairs from the head of the Corbolo River. Finally, Lord Rugdumph's Estate lies in the far northwest of the range, square on the border with the Jerall Mountains, as is the unmarked location, the Dark Grove.

There are several small places of note that do not show up on the map. Look for an inactive Wayshrine with a treasure chest west of Collapsed Mine. There is also a very remote clearing west and a bit north of Hame that shows evidence of necromancy. A chest sits in the midst of a blackened group of trees, and large spiderwebs hang from the trees. Human skulls adorn wooden spikes next to the chest, and there is nothing else around.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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