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For other uses, see Vampire's Seduction.

Vampire's Seduction is a stage-two vampire power in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that reduces the target's inclination to attack for 30 seconds. The magnitude is level affected – the power only works on characters/creatures up to the level specified. Undead, Daedra and automatons cannot be seduced, unless the player has the Master of the Mind perk. The level may be increased to 20 if the "Hypnotic Gaze" and "Kindred Mage" perks in Illusion are unlocked. It can only be used once a day.

With the The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard DLC, this power allows conscious people to be fed upon.


  • This power is useful if the player accidentally causes a character to attack (whether through a quest, by assaulting them, or by using Frenzy), or if the player wishes to talk to an adversary (accidental or not) who will not yield.
  • If the player needs time to self-heal or recover from fatigue. It may hold a creature or person fairly still allowing time to recover.
  • If the player is taking on two enemies at once Vampire's Seduction may be used on one of them while attacking the other; however, attacking the target will raise its aggression level, so further seducing using another spell with the same effect will be required.
  • Also useful when the player's vampirism causes a nearby character to be hostile. Since it cannot be used more than once per day, the player needs to rely on other options if there are multiple hostile characters.
  • For players who choose to feed using this power instead of looking for sleeping NPCs, the once per day limitation forces them to be very careful about who to use it on as it is possible to waste the power by targeting a character whose level is too high. It is also recommended to only use it at point blank range.
  • In the quest "Prophet" the Vampire's Seduction allows the Dragonborn to feed on Dexion Evicus to make him your thrall.


Vampire's Seduction can only be acquired when the Dragonborn enters stage two Vampirism.


  • The GiftVingalmo tasks the Dragonborn with turning their spouse into a Vampire.
  • New Allegiances – Vingalmo has found a new candidate, ripe for Harkon's Gift. He sends the Dragonborn to welcome the person into the family.

See also[]

  • Calm – decreases target's hostility towards the player.
  • Fear – decreases courage, causing targets to flee.
  • Fury – angers targets, causing them to attack all nearby targets.