For other uses, see Vampire Dust.

Vampire Dust is an alchemical ingredient which possesses a multitude of useful alchemical effects, both beneficial and detrimental.

Order of the Virtuous BloodEdit

Those affiliated with the Order of the Virtuous Blood may choose to exchange a sample of vampire dust for 250 GoldIcon from Roland Jenseric. He can be found in Seridur's basement in the Imperial City Temple District, upon completion of the quest.


One can get massive amounts of Vampire Dust using the Staff of Worms. Killing a Vampire, taking the dust, and reanimating them will add new dust, causing a potential exploit to get more dust.


  • A version of Vampire Dust that weighs 0.1 wg can be found, and shows up as a different item in the inventory.
  • Not all types of Vampire Dust are possible to exchange, such as ones bought from stores.


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