Vampire Gloves is a piece of clothing found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


During the Dawnguard quests "Hide and Seek" or "A Jarl's Justice," Gunmar or Isran sends the Dragonborn to kill a vampire masquerading as a Visiting Advisor. The full vampire robes set can be acquired from the advisor. Gunmar's targets may also include Traveling Pilgrim, Traveling Merchant, or Traveling Bard, who may be wearing the gloves. Initially, the vampire will not be hostile. The vampire must be killed to obtain the gloves.

Unlike Isran, Gunmar's advisor target cannot be reported to the Jarl or made to follow the Dragonborn to a secluded location like the other disguised vampires. They must be killed with risk of a bounty.

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