"Don't worry about Vandorallen Trebatius. I'll have him evicted. I'm sure he'll find another home easily."
Shum gro-Yarug[src]

Vandorallen Trebatius quote

Vandorallen Trebatius is an Imperial who owns Rosethorn Hall, but has fallen behind on his payments, leaving his home up for grabs.


When he still resides in Rosethorn Hall, he spends his days either in his home or at Castle Skingrad. He eats his breakfast at the Two Sisters Lodge and his dinner at the West Weald Inn.

After the Hero buys Rosethorn Hall, Vandorallen will be evicted and everything he owns will be thrown out.


  • Vandorallen Trebatius is listed in the "Arena Champions" faction.


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  • After being evicted, he will not sleep in the Two Sisters Lodge, as all the beds are reserved for vampire hunters from "Information at a Price."


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