"She is my business partner. I assume she's gone ahead to Molag Mar."
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Vanjirra is a Khajiit Trader who can be found near the Molag Mar bridge, nervously awaiting the arrival of her longtime business partner, Paur Maston. She recently traveled here from Pelagiad, but her partner has yet to arrive. Vanjirra dons common clothing, is unarmed, and carries a random quantity of gold (up to one-hundred). She does not have an inventory for sale.


An Escort to Molag MarEdit

The Nerevarine escorted Vanjirra's business partner to Molag Mar from Pelagiad so that the pair could attend a meeting. Vanjirra offered an enchanted amulet that casts light to aid in the Nerevarine's travels as a reward.


This character uses or carries the following:



  • Gold (random, maximum 100)


This character uses the following:




business partner (if Paur Maston is dead) "What's that? Oh, no! I can't believe he's gone! It is good of you to come all this way to tell me of his passing, though."

business partner "Yes, I'll miss him terribly. He was a good partner and a good friend."
reward "Well, I suppose I could give you something for your troubles. Please take this as a token of my appreciation."

business partner "Yes, I have a business partner named Paur Maston. He was supposed to meet me a while back and travel here with me, but I suppose he was detained."

Greeting (if accompanied by Paur Maston) "Oh, hello! I see you've found Paur! Please, allow me to give you some reward for your efforts."

business partner "Paur Maston and I are business partners and have been for years."
reward "Certainly! Thank you for helping Paur to get here safely. I hope you'll find this adequate compensation."
reward "I've already given you your reward. Thank you again."

Vanjirra "I am Vanjirra."


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