Vanua is a submerged Ayleid ruin where The Shrine of the Crusader is located. Vanua is not marked on the world map. It is located southeast of the Imperial City and south of Memorial Cave.


When entering one must swim up to get inside as the first part is submerged in water. In the first room are several Welkynd stones along with skeletons on altars in small siderooms along the corridor. A few chests can be found in all the rooms. Some are locked, usually average.

To reach the shrine on the ledge in the main chamber can be a little hard. One must go through the lost catacombs and most of the doors are blocked by ruins and there are enemies everywhere. But earlier explorers may have made large holes in the walls to move forward into the ruin.

As it is underwater, there are no alchemical plants in the vicinity.


  • Vanua
  • Shrine of the Crusader
  • The Lost Catacombs



Shrine of the Crusader - main chamber

The Shrine of the CrusaderEdit

After the Hero of Kvatch has completed their Pilgrimage, they will receive a vision from Pelinal Whitestrake above the Imperial City. He will explain why he failed and how Umaril made a deal with Meridia and when his body was struck down his spirit was protected in Oblivion.


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