"Who … are you?"
―Varaine, upon defeat in Wayrest Sewers I

Varaine Pellingare is a Breton and one of the co-leaders of the remnants of the Pellingare rebellion, along with his sister Allene, occupying the sewers beneath Wayrest. He is the son of Master Pellingare, a wealthy noble that once lived in the city. He is fought as one of the bosses in Wayrest Sewers I.

Garron resurrects him and his sister in Wayrest Sewers II, where they are fought as the final boss battle in the dungeon.


  • Smite - heavy attack
  • Spinning Cleave - rapidly expanding AoE, heavy damage and stuns
  • Tidal Slash - jumps in air: conal attack, deals heavy damage and knocks down

And when fought in Wayrest II:

  • Shield - will appear if difference in boss' health is 15% or greater, lasts 20 seconds
  • Bat adds that are summoned periodically


Deception in the DarkEdit

Varaine is fought in the lower area of the sewers after defeating Uulgarg the Hungry.

No Second ChancesEdit

Master Pellingare calls out for his children at the end of the dungeon, where they are fought and killed again.


  • In Wayrest Sewers I, Varaine may remain on the platform high above the party, and not drop down to fight like he should. However, he can still be defeated with ranged attacks (and later looted once the party travels to higher ground). He will also be simpler to defeat, as only his Tidal Slash can hit the party.
    • Waiting and avoiding combat might prevent this bug.


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