Varen Aquilarios was the Emperor of Cyrodiil from 2E 577 to 2E 579. He became Emperor when he overthrew Leovic during an uprising after Leovic made Daedra worship legal in Cyrodiil. After becoming Emperor, he married Leovic's wife, Clivia Tharn.

By game[edit | edit source]

Reign[edit | edit source]

After becoming Emperor, he led the Five Companions on a quest to recover the Amulet of Kings in Sancre Tor. When the Amulet was found, he attempted to do a ritual to become a Dragonborn. The ritual was interrupted by Mannimarco, which caused the catastrophe called the Soulburst. After this, Varen fled and his wife, Clivia Tharn, became Empress of Cyrodiil.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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