"I have delivered my message. Now I can be at peace."
―Variner's Ghost[src]

Variner's Ghost is a unique ancestor ghost in the The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. He is found in Old Mournhold's Temple Sewers during the quest "The Black Dart Gang". The former companion of Narisa Adus, he was killed by The Black Dart Gang in an attempt to prevent her from being harmed. Since his death he has been visiting Narisa at night.


The Black Dart GangEdit

He appears during this quest and plays an important role by informing the Nerevarine of the gang's location and imparting knowledge of a device that can flood the gang's hideout.


The Black Dart

"Stranger! Listen! I have a message I must tell you!"

message "My name is Variner. I was killed by the Black Dart Gang. I beg you -- avenge my death. Their hideout is in Old Mournhold, Temple Sewers West. Many have died fighting them. But there is a mechanism that can flood the room, drowning the gang. Find a leave that looks like a torch holder, near the east end of the chamber. But whatever you do, don't get too close or you will join me in the afterlife."
message "I have delivered my message. Now, at last, my spirit may find rest, and join in peaceful silence with my ancestors."


  • While technically a creature, he is not hostile, has no spells and drops nothing if killed.


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