Varondo is a three level Ayleid Ruin located north of Kvatch, in the Colovian Highlands. The ruins are full of Conjurers and Daedra.


Varondo is far north of Kvatch, in the Colovian Highlands.


Varondo is broken into three zones, Varondo, Varondo Beldastare, and Varondo Varlasel.


Varondo Interior03

Varondo is the main entrance, and the exit from Varlasel will be on the left, blocked by a locked gate that can be opened from the other side.

Enemy and treasure chest are scattered throughout the zone, including a boss chest and ten welkynd stones. There are two bedrolls in the final section, near the door leading to Beldastare.

Varondo BeldastareEdit

Varondo Beldastare Interior04

Beldastare is more maze like, and contains several traps, including two swinging blades near the entrance. More Conjurers and Daedra are scattered throughout the zone. To clear the area of all enemy's and treasure, it will take following both the upper path leading to the next area, and the lower areas of Beldastare

The door heading to Varlasel is located in the northeastern area.

Varondo VarlaselEdit

Varondo Varlasel Interior06

The third section, Varondo Varlasel, has more Daedra then the other two, as well as the Conjurer leader. The boss is in the final room, near the two Varla stones. After clearing the enemy and treasure, there is a gate nearby that leads to the first zone for an easier exit.

Notable itemsEdit

  • 29 Welkynd Stones
  • 2 Varla Stones



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