Varsa Baalim is a large Ayleid Ruin located deep inside Sundercliff Watch added with the plug-in Mehrunes' Razor. The only access is when the Hero go through Sundercliff Watch during the quest Unearthing Mehrunes' Razor. The entrance is through Sundercliff Commune, a long corridor called the excavated ruin, that ends with the entrance to Varsa Baalim.


When first entering the ruin, Vampires and soldiers from the Drothmeri Army fight each other. The Hero will encounter them when going through to the end until Frathen Drothan is found in The Nefarivigum. There are several small sublocations throughout the ruin.


Cava Arpenia / NobilityEdit

Cava Arpenia is the first sublocation, inside are dead or alive members of the army or vampires. A couple of bedrolls, a sack with GoldIcon, an Ayleid chest, a chair and table, and skeleton parts for decoration are the only things in this room.

Cava BeldamelEdit

Cava Beldamel is a smaller room, collapsed and filled with rubble. A vampire can be inside so be careful when entering. There is nothing of value here.

Cava Marspanga / HomeEdit

Cava Marspanga is a larger room and here a fight is going on between the vampires and the Drothmeri soldiers. A couple of Ayleid chests with minor items along with bedrolls and skeletons.

The NefarivigumEdit

The Nefarivigum is a larger room where the Hero will find Frathen Drothan trying to find out how to open the gate so he can reach Mehrunes' Razor. He is standing opposite Msirae Faythung and he has found daedric inscriptions on the wall.

Forgotten tunnelsEdit

After grabbing the Mehrunes' Razor the walls come down behind it and beyond are the door to the forgotten tunnels. There is a corridor that leads to a smaller cave, nothing of value found here and then the exit leading out to the Nibenay Basin under water.



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