"Mistress Velanda Omani, by Grace of Almsivi, Honored Councilor of Hlaalu Council, Vvardenfell District, Free Trader, Lord of Omani Plantation, Elmas Island, East Vivec, District of Vvardenfell, Province of Morrowind"
Yellow Book of 3E 426[src]

Velanda Omani is a Dunmer noble, and Councilor for House Hlaalu residing in her room at Omani Manor on Elmas Island. The Nerevarine must convince her to recognize them as the Hlaalu Hortator.


As Councilor of House Hlaalu, Velanda Omani is an influential woman inside the Great House. But she depends on the patronage of Orvas Dren, brother of Duke Vedam Dren, and will not do anything without his approval.[1] Crassius Curio even says that she is "in his pocket."[2]



Hlaalu Hortator

"What are you doing here?"

Hlaalu Hortator "That's a title given to a war leader among the Great Houses. Why are you interested?"
Ask how a Hortator is chosen. "A Hortator is a champion chosen in times of war. A Hortator's duty is to lead and inspire the Great Houses against its foes. Only a Great House's councilors can vote for a Hortator, and the vote must be unamimous."
Tell your story and ask to be confirmed as Hortator. "That is a very interesting story you tell. And your Moon-and-Star is an impressive ring. Unfortunately I'm very busy at present. I will need to consult with my colleagues, but I'll give the matter every consideration."

After convincing Orvas Dren:

"Yes, of course Nerevarine (Player name), whatever you want."

Hlaalu Hortator "Yes. Of course. You wished to be named Hortator of House Hlaalu? No sooner said than done. You will, of course, need to receive confirmation from the other Hlaalu Councilors. But I have every confidence in your ability to persuade them. Once all the councilors agree, speak with Crassius Curo again. He will give you the Belt of the Hortator."
Hlaalu Hortator "The members of the Hlaalu Council agree. You are Hortator of House Hlaalu. You need only speak with Crassius Curo again to confirm your new title."



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