For other uses, see Velfred the Outlaw.

Velfred the Outlaw is a Nord who resides in the ship, Grytewake, near Hla Oad. He is a barbarian by training and a smuggler by trade.


Velfred the OutlawEdit

Velfred owes some smuggling fees to House Hlaalu, and Crassius Curio would like the Nerevarine's help in persuading Velfred to comply with payment.


  • "You weren't suppoed to see 'em, Dunmer (Race). I can't let you out of here if you've seen 'em." – After mentioning ash statues.
  • "Why should I? I already pay half my profits to the Empire." – After asking to respect House Hlaalu during "Velfred the Outlaw"
  • "Alright. I'll pay House Hlaalu the proper respects. But you better carry out your side of the deal." – After asking to respect House Hlaalu with a high disposition during "Velfred the Outlaw"
    • "I already agreed, Nerevarine (Player name)."


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