Not to be confused with Velsa Orethi or Velsa Salaron.

Velsa, born as Velsa Arendis, is a former member of the Thieves Guild who retired shortly before the failed heist in Taneth. She resides in her villa in the Flooded District of Abah's Landing. Zeira suspects that Velsa has been ratting out their info to the Iron Wheel, though after this is disproved, she agrees to rejoin the guild.


"Decades ago, I was Velsa Arendis of House Dres. Yes, the one built on the spoils of the slave trade. When I fled, I released dozens of slaves. Gave them gold from the house treasury. I regret not seeing the look on Mother's face. But nothing else."

Decades before 2E 582, Velsa was born to Arendis family of House Dres. Her family ran a Slavery plantation, and she loathed her family's business. Velsa met Narahni, a Khajiiti slave working in the family's kitchens. They later fell in love, and made a plan to free all the plantation's slaves.[1]

Just as Velsa was making her escape with the slaves, her brother, whom Velsa considered the worst of her family, arrived at an unfortunate time. In order to ensure Velsa and the other slaves' escaped safely, Narahni went into the arms of Velsa's brother to distract him. Velsa saw this, and had mistaken Narahni for eloping with her brother. Before Narahni could get a chance to explain, Velsa left.[1]

Velsa later went on to join the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing. After Nicolas became the Guildmaster, he elevated Velsa to a position on the Thieves Council. Walks-Softly found her to be pragmatic.[2] She later left the Thieves Guild between 2E 579 and 582, wanting nothing to do with the guild. She retired to her Villa, growing a number of plants in her garden and raising her pet Skeever, Sotha.[3]


Cleaning HouseEdit

After finding Velsa in her garden, she will be having the following conversation with Silver-Claw:

Velsa: "Did you fall and land directly upon your skull? I... am... retired!"
Silver-Claw: "Velsa! Do not make me beg. It is unbecoming of our most profitable history."
Velsa: "And who is this, Silver-Claw? Who else befouls my garden?"
Silver-Claw: "In all truthfulness, I have no knowledge. A friend? But... you have no friends. Beyond my humble and mercantile self, of course!"

She will later assist you in infiltrating Silver-Claw's Warehouse, which has been taken over by new management. Afterwards, she will rejoin the Thieves Guild.

A Faded FlowerEdit

Forever Hold Your PeaceEdit

That Which Was LostEdit


Show: A Faded Flower

"Took your time, didn't you? But you're here."

I got your note. You wanted to talk to me?
"I ... I need your help. I was in the market when someone slipped me a letter. It might not mean anything, but on the other hand, it might be some sort of trap."

Tell me more about this letter you recieved.
"A folded sheet of paper, unsigned. It was only a few lines, wishing me well. But when I unfolded the sheet, an old, pressed stargazer peony fell out. That ... that unsettled me."
What's a stargazer peony?
It's a flower. Others just like it blossomed all around my family home. But I left my family behind a long time ago. If this is their way of sending me a message, I need to know why now after all these years."
You want me to find out who sent the letter and why?
"You've consistently demonstrated a lack of incompetence. Find out if my family sent that letter. I didn't part on the best of terms, so it could be a trap. But they won't expect you, which means it shall be slow to spring."
You must have some notion of what this is all about.
"Decades ago, I was Velsa Arendis of House Dres. Yes, the one built on the spoils of the slave trade. When I fled, I released dozens of slaves. Gave them gold from the house treasury. I regret not seeing the look on Mother's face. But nothing else."
You didn't see the person who slipped you the letter?
"Yes, but I didn't realize it then. I was taking a merchant to task for her prices when a half-naked Nord bumped into me. That's when it happened. He fled before I could give him a piece of my mind, toward the merchant camp outside the city gates."
I'll ask around and see what I can find out.
After being reunited with Narahni:

"Is this what happiness feels like? Yes, I suppose it is."

You seem glad to see Narahni again.
"I had no idea this would be the result of sending you to find a half-naked Nord. The last time I saw Narahni was quite unpleasant. There was poison in that wound. I don't think it ever truly healed."

You weren't an easy person to get along with, that's for sure.
"You reunited me with my one true love, so I choose to ignore that. I hope there's time to share a few lasting moments before all is said and done."

You both have a lot of catching up to do.
"All these wasted years, we've missed out on so much. Narahni wears them like a cloak―though with grace and style. I am... grateful... you convinced her to come here."

"Narahni and I have much to discuss. Don't you have guild business, somewhere way from here?"


  • "If three of us survive, we'll be a greater success than the previous failed attempt. 'Progress.'" —During "A Flawless Plan," outside of Prince's Gate



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