Vemynal is a Dwemer Ruin found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


This Dwemer citadel, named after the residing Ash Vampire Dagoth Vemyn, is located in the heart of the Red Mountain Region. It is surrounded by hostile Ash Creatures, and is situated on the highest and steep slopes of the Red Mountain, close to the Volcano's mouth. Vemynal can be found southeast of Maar Gan, northeast of Ald'ruhn, and directly east of Gnisis.

There are two separate areas inside the citadel. The entrance leads directly into the Outer Fortress, and further inside, behind a door the main section called Hall of Torque can be found. The Outer Fortress is guarded by many Ash Creatures and Dagoths.


  • The Hall of Torque has a corridor that runs around the main area, where Dagoth Vemyn can be found guarding a Sixth House shrine. The location is also surrounded by Dagoths, Beldoh the Undying and a Dremora.



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