"Vendil Severin. A pleasure to meet you, serjo."
―Vendil Severin[src]

Vendil Severin is a Dunmer residing in Raven Rock.


Vendil is the husband of Tilisu and the father of Mirri. As an important and wealthy member of the community of Raven Rock, he has contributed largely to the rebuilding of the settlement in gold, resources and manual labour. He also owns along with this family, Severin Manor, a house located within Raven Rock.

Vendil is later discovered to be a member of the exiled House Hlaalu and a member and/or associate of the Morag Tong, seeking the assassination of Lleril Morvayn, the First Councillor of Raven Rock, who according to him, was responsible for the execution of his ancestor Vilur Ulen, wholly ignoring the latter's own history in Raven Rock. Over the course, his real name is revealed to be Vendil Ulen.


Served ColdEdit

The Dragonborn must stop Vendil Severin, his family and his followers, the Morag Tong, from mounting an assassination attempt on Lleril Morvayn.



Do you know someone called Miraak? "Do I? I was going to say no, but somehow I feel like I do. Does that make any sense?"

Is he someone here in Raven Rock? "No, I'm sure of that. And yet... I think I had a dream of a temple, and he was there."


Vendil: "I'm worried. I think she knows."
Mirri: "She's jealous. Can't say that I blame her."
Vendil: "Have you taken leave of your senses? We could be exposed... ruined. Ten years of planning all for nothing!"
Mirri: "It's your choice, "father". Anytime you want to end it, you just give the word."


  • Once he is killed, the enchanted pieces of chitin armor can be looted off his remains.
  • Vendil is classified as a member of the Dremora Class, which is otherwise only used for actual Dremora.
  • Using console commands to look at Vendil's relationships, it is stated that he is in a relationship with Mirri, and that his wife is a co-conspirator, not a relative.
  • Upon his death at Ashfallow Citadel, his last words are "I join you in death, father..."


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  •  PS3   Upon killing Vendil Severin at Ashfallow Citadel, his body will glitch not letting his body be looted. Loading a previous save should fix this.


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