Veranus Macatus is an Imperial guard of a Temple of Mara. Him and his fellow guards Decanus Vulso and Eliana Salvius followed the bandits into their lair at Fort Sphinxmoth. Once inside, they were no match for the sheer number of bandits and were captured.


Prisoners of the SphinxEdit



Prisoners of the Sphinx

"Help me, please! I got caught in this bubble of force, or whatever you call it. Get me out!"

How did you get trapped in this thing? "When I entered the room, the braziers were ablaze, and I ... I think I stepped on a pressure tile. The brazier snuffed out, and this trap grabbed me. Maybe ... if you relight the braziers?"
Can you tell me anything about this place, or the relics? "These ... ruffians definitely have the relics, but I ... I don't know where. Some of the bandits were talking about the "leader's stash," which is somewhere nearby. By an old, broken staircase, I think they said."
Did you hear anything else? "Yes. Some of them were talking about a broken bridge and a pit where they throw unwanted prisoners. They called it "the Croc Pit," so I guess there are crocodiles in it. Be careful where you step!"


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