Verner Rock-Chucker is a Nord miner residing in Darkwater Crossing.


He lives in Darkwater Crossing and is the husband of Annekke Crag-Jumper. He discovered Goldenrock Mine and they have lived there ever since. He and Annekke have a daughter named Sylgja, who can be found in Shor's Stone. The Dragonborn can sell any corundum ore to him.


Mine OreEdit

Earn gold by mining and selling ore (radiant quest).

Special DeliveryEdit

Deliver Sylgja's satchel to Verner in Darkwater Crossing.


Special DeliveryEdit

I have a package for you from Sylgja. "It's a shame our daughter couldn't make the journey herself, but at least she still thinks of us. If you wouldn't mind bringing this back to her for us, I'd appreciate it."


Time and experiencesEdit

Verner "Ever think about spending more time around town?"
Annekke "Not when there's so much to see!"
Verner "I guess I should join you more often."
Annekke "You should. I miss you."

You used to love finding new placesEdit

Annekke: "Verner, you should have come out with me yesterday. I found the most amazing tree growing right out of a cave."
Verner: "And I found a new deposit of amber. Would have been nice to have some help pulling it out."
Annekke: "You used to love finding new places."
Verner: "I still do. I just like to have food waiting for me when I come home."

No need to get snippyEdit

Verner: "Sweetheart, did you move my pickaxe?"
Annekke: "It's at the south end near that loose rockpile."
Verner: "So you can be helpful sometimes."
Annekke: "No need to get snippy."


  • "You looking for work? We could use an extra hand in the mine. Just bring me any Corundum you dig up."
  • "Annekke used to help more with the mining, but nowadays she's a bit of a bounder."
  • "I do love my wife. Just wish she'd get her head out of the clouds."
  • "If you want some information about the area, Annekke knows it better than anyone."
  • "Sometimes I feel like Annekke cares more about finding new rocks than being with me."
  • "Mining is hard work, but we pay a fair price for any ore you dig up."


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