Potentate Versidue-Shaie (1E ???? – 2E 324) was a Tsaesci, one of the serpent-men from Akavir, and the closest advisor of Reman Cyrodiil III. A theory in the book 2920, Last Year of the First Era suggests Versidue-Shaie was possibly behind Reman Cyrodiil's death in 1E 2920. Upon the end of the war between Cyrodiil and Akavir, it is believed that he and/or his family went into the service of the Emperors of Cyrodiil. Upon the death of Reman in 1E 2920, he became the de facto leader of Cyrodiil. A few days later, on the day when the year 2921 should have ended the First Era and started the Common Era (or what is sometimes referred to as Second Era in what is now Tamriel), he ruled as Potentate until his assassination at his palace in Elsweyr by the Morag Tong in 2E 324.[1] His assassination sparked the outlaw of the Morag Tong across Tamriel.[2]

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Potentate of Cyrodiil
Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III 2E 1 - 2E 324 Savirien Chorak
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