"Veya's young, bored, and stubborn. That makes for a volatile combination. She wants fresh air and freedom. I can't blame her for that."
Naryu Virian

Veya Releth is a Dunmer member of the Morag Tong, training under Naryu Virian as her apprentice. She is the daughter of House Redoran councilor Eris Releth, and the sister of the exiled Ulran Releth.


"Veya and I have a history. Her brother, too. They were good kids. Liked to watch me train. Now I feel responsible for her."
―Naryu Virian[src]

Veya was born to Tavya Releth and Eris Releth, a councilor of House Redoran. As a result, the Releth family was very influential in House politics, and Veya grew up in a fairly privileged childhood. She and her older brother Ulran would sometimes sneak out to see Morag Tong assassin Naryu Virian train with her blades. The three of them became very close, considering Naryu to be an older sister to them.[1] Veya also knew Captain Brivan as a child, and Brivan later became friends with Veya's brother Ulran during their guard service.[2] Following Ulran's mysterious exile, Veya left her family without warning to go secretly train with Naryu Virian as her assassin apprentice.[1]


Of Faith and FamilyEdit

Veya has snuck out of her hideout while the Warclaws scoured the area for her. Both the Vestige and Veya returns back to Mallapi Cave, where they traded information.

A Purposeful WritEdit


Family ReunionEdit

Once Veya is defeated in combat, she will be incapacitated, requiring the Vestige to speak with Naryu about her fate. If they choose to have her killed, Naryu will ask the Vestige to leave while she gives Veya a swift death, later mourning her when she is met again. If she is spared, Naryu will be at the docks of Vivec City, sending Veya to the Summerset Isles so that she can finish her training and start fresh. When speaking to her, she will apologize for her actions and remark that the death of her brother caused her to not think straight, though does not blame the Vestige for not forgiving her.

Lost in TranslationEdit

After the Vestige loses the ability to communicate with Earl Leythen and he fully disappears, Veya appears and reveals herself to be the Champion of Nocturnal.


Show: Of Faith and Family

First meeting her outside:

"By the Three! You really shouldn't sneak up on a person like that. If you're working with those mercenaries, I assure you — you won't take me without a fight!."

"I'm working with Naryu. I have information concerning your brother." "Oh, right! Naryu mentioned something about that. Look, I can't wait to hear what you learned, but the swamp is crawling with mercenaries. There's a cave to the northeast. We can talk there."
"Lead on and I'll follow you." "Unfortunately, there's a mob of these beast-people between here and the cave. I was going to try to sneak past them, but every time I get too close I think one of them catches my scent."
"All right. I'll deal with the Warclaws. You get to the cave." "You're going to tackle that mob of fur and claws? I'm impressed! Meet me at the cave when you're finished. I think we have a lot to talk about. Oh, and try not to get killed. I really want to know what you came all this way to tell me."
"I'll see you in the cave shortly."

Meeting at Mallapi Cave:

"What do you think of my luxurious accommodations? It's got dirt and rock, fungus and a paltry fire ... all the comforts of home. Anyway, you said you had information about my brother, Ulran? What did you find out?"

"According to the House Redoran Registry, your brother Ulran was stripped of his rank and exiled." "No, that can't be right. Ulran's honorable and noble. He's a model soldier. What could he have possibly done to warrant being banished?"
"According to Captain Brivan, Ulran killed one of his own soldiers to protect an Ashlander." "What? My brother has always been interested in the Ashlanders. Even showed them a kindness the rest of the House doesn't approve of. But for him to kill someone, especially one of his own soldiers, something terrible must have happened."
"Any idea where we can find these Ashlanders? They may be able to tell us about the incident." "I know the tribe that Ulran liked to help. Brought them supplies and such. He'd go and visit their camp whenever our father wasn't paying attention. Will you go with me to talk to them? Wait, someone's coming!"
"Get behind me."

After escaping Mallapi Cave:

"Father ruins everything! I'm so close to finding my brother and he shows up to drag me back home. Well, I'm not going back without a fight!"

"I'll cause a distraction so you can get out of here." "You — you'd do that for me? Thanks. I guess. But what can you possibly do against all those soldiers? My father brought the whole damn army with him this time!"
"Your father hired me to find you and set up a meeting. I might as well give him a progress report." "Clever. Tell my father whatever he wants to hear. That might actually work! Afterward, meet me at the Ashlander camp to the south. My brother would often visit that particular tribe. It's as good a place as any to start."
"Will you meet with your father after you find your brother?" "Once I find Ulran and make sure he's all right, I'll meet with my father. But that meeting will be on my terms, not his. And tell him to call off his soldiers or I might change my mind. That should buy us some time."

Outside of Kudanat Camp:

"I can't believe this! Why allow the Warclaws to run roughshod over the camp like this? What's House Redoran thinking? And what in the name of the Three have they done with the Ashlanders?"

"You're sure this was an Ashlander camp?" "My brother often visited this camp. Took me along a couple of times. It used to be such a vibrant place, so full of life. I know House Redoran wants to expand along the western coast, but I never expected they'd set the Warclaws loose like this."
"Do you think your brother and the Ashlnders are still here?" "If Ulran was here, he'd never stand for the Warclaws invading the camp. He told me the Ashlanders were the same as you and I. Different beliefs don't necessarily make people bad. We need to see if we can find out what happened here."
"I'll look around and see what I can find." "I really want to help, but Naryu won't hear of it! "We don't get our hands dirt unless there's a writ attached, " as she's so fond of reminding me. We'll hang around and wait for you to find something before we move in."
"Stay out of the wat of the Warclaws until I find out where your brother is."
Show: A Purposeful Writ

In the safehouse:

"Did Ashur send you to check up on me? I swear, the next person that treats me like a child is going to find my dagger in their stomach! Gods, I'm not mad at you. I'm just annoyed at everybody right now!"

"Do you want me to leave?" "No. I don't think so. It's just been difficult. Finding poor Ulran in the Ashlander camp. I need to be doing something. Sitting down here in the dark, hiding. That's not going to solve anything."
"But Naryu told you to stay here." "I know, but Naryu's writ. It involves a Redoran councilor — exactly the opportunity I've been waiting for! The councilor knows who set up my brother. We need to talk to her before Naryu executes the writ. Do this for me and I promise to stay here."
"All right. Where can I find Naryu?" "I appreciate you agreeing to see what you can learn at Arenim Manor. My father used to say it was used by councilors as a retreat, but Mother always told me it was where they conducted business that required a certain degree of privacy."
"Have you given any thought to your brother's message?" "That's all I've been doing. Thinking! And I think Ulran was right. I think someone wanted him out of the way and they orchestrated the event with the Ashlanders to do it. Someone played my brother for a fool and it cost him his life."
"What can you tell me about Captain Brivan?" "Brivan's as stubborn as my father when it comes to following the rules and regulations of House Redoran. Ulran and Brivan were best friends, even if they argued from time to time."
"What did Brivan and Ulran argue about?" "Politics, foreign relations, the Ashlanders — you name an issue and Ulran and Brivan were probably on opposites sides of the argument. It got to the point where I had to ignore both of them or they'd drive me insane."
"I told your father what happened to Ulran." "You ... you did? How did he take it? I mean, he didn't know that my brother was dead?"
"He didn't know and he seemed as upset as you are over the news." "Really? I suppose that makes sense. I think he loves us ... in his own way. But what else did he say? Did he know that Ulran has been banished?"
"He told Ulran to go to the main land. He didn't expect him to turn to the Ashlanders for shelter." "He didn't expect ...? My father doesn't know his children as well as he thinks. Either of them! That's why I had to get away. Join the Morag Tong. At least Naryu understands me. Mostly."
"Your father said you should avoid House Redoran until he can sort out what happened." "I can't agree to that. I need to figure out what happened to my brother. Who was involved. And then I'm going to make them pay. Just you watch!"

After returning from Arenim Manor:

"Back again? Took your sweet rime. You didn't learn anything, did you? Not that it matters. Ulran's dead and nothing can change that."

"We know where to find the soldiers who were with Ulran the day of the incident." "What good is that going to do? They won't speak to us. House before family and all that. Believe me, I'm more than familiar with Redoran honor. Still, I suppose I know a few ways to get people to talk ..."
"We also discovered that Captain Brivan might have had a role in Ulran's troubles." "Brivan was Ulran's best friend. Would he really betray my brother? Regardless, I want you to have this. You could have handed me to my father and you didn't. Other than Naryu and Ashur, you might be the only friend I have left."
Show: Family Reunion

At the safehouse:

"So which soldiers are we talking about? I know most of the people my brother used to work with. Eyewitnesses are better than notes in the House Registry — provided I can actually get them to talk to me."

"Vatola Telem's squad. They're scouting the old fort. But I really think we should wait for Naryu." "There's no time to waste. That fort's near the cave where I was hiding. Last time I was there, the fort was crawling with cultists. We need to find them before Vatola and his soldiers wind up sacrificed to some Daedric Prince."
"A few more moments—" "Will get Vatola and his soldiers killed! I know the process. Turning in a writ can take hours, maybe even an entire day! I'll leave Naryu a note. She can meet us at the fort. I'm going. Either come with me or get out of the way."
"All right. I'll help you find the Redoran soldiers." "Let me gather my gear and write a note for Naryu. I'll meet you near the Hlormaren stronghold. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that we'll learn who's responsible for Ulran's death soon. Then blood will flow."
""Blood will flow?" Don't you need a writ to kill someone?" "As far as I'm concerned, rules got my brother killed. They don't apply to me anymore. Besides, to find the soldiers we're probably going to have to carve a path through these cultists. The Morag Tong won't care about that."
"I thought Naryu was responsible for your actions?" "That's what the handbook says. Look, I know what Naryu's done for me. To keep me safe. I appreciate that. But this is about what they did to my brother. Nothing else matters. Not Naryu. Not you. And certainly not me."
"Don't force me to choose between you and Naryu." "No ... never. You and Naryu aren't my enemies. I just need to get justice for Ulran. Otherwise his death will be the first of many. We have to be able to resist laws that make no sense or get people hurt without being afraid of getting exiled."
"Do you know Vatola Telem?" "I know Vatola. He's a typical Redoran soldier. Loyal to a fault. Always spouting nonsense about house and honor above all. He was devoted to my brother, though. Ulran considered him to be one of his best."
"Why didn't Vatola stand up for Ulran at his trial?" "Ulran had a habit of putting the needs of others ahead of his own. He probably told Vatola and his soldiers to remain quiet. Decided to take responsibility and save them any heartache. I hope these soldiers remember that when we find them."

Meeting her at Hlormaren Stronghold:

"You're here. I'm here. The damn cultists are here. You know who isn't here? Vatola and his squad! They're probably hiding. Or dead. They better not be dead."

"Have you seen Naryu yet?" "Naryu's probably busy clearing her writ and we don't have time to wait. This opportunity to learn more about what happened to Ulran won't last much longer. We need to find that squad of soldiers."
"We should really wait for Naryu before we do anything rash." "Fine. You wait for Maryu. I'm going to go and find those soldiers."
"You know the area. Any idea where we should look for the Redoran soldiers?/All right we'll handle this your way. Any idea where we should look for the soldiers." "Their orders were to scout the old stronghold. I suggest we search along the outskirts and see if we can pick up their trail."

If you choose to have Naryu spare Veya, she will be at the Vivec City docks after the completion of the quest:

"Naryu thought you might stop by. You probably hate me and I completely understand. I'm still glad you showed up though."

Do you think you can put this all behind you? "I lost my brother, I killed my own father... I probably went crazy there for a while. I don't think I'll ever put this completely behind me. But I'll do what Naryu asks. I'll go away, finish my training. Try to make a new start."
Where is Naryu sending you? "To Summerset, but don't tell anybody. She was quite adamant about that. She's given me a letter of introduction for some highfalutin Khajiit. Works for a queen or something. Anyway, he's going to be my new mentor."
Well, good luck to you, Veya. "Look, I'm sorry. Ulran's death made me crazy―that's no excuse―but I'm never going to forgive House Redoran for the attitudes that brought us here. I'm done with them. Take care of Naryu. I don't want her to get hurt because of me."




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