Not to be confused with Veyond Cave.

Veyond is an Ayleid Ruin located a short distance northeast of Leyawiin, in the woods off of the same road that leads north to Arpenia and Atatar, which are the two ruins you visit in quests for the Fighters Guild.

It is one of the largest Ayleid Ruins in the game, its outer structures being among the largest, rivaling even Miscarcand for size.


Veyond is an ancient enclosed area built partially into the side of a hill with one wall crumbled and collapsed. The interior of the ruin itself contains an impressive four different areas, varying in size. Its inhabitants are primarily trolls.

The first floor has 6 trolls, the second level has 2 trolls with an additional 2 dead ones. The third level has 1 dead troll along with 5 alive ones, also with 4 blade traps. The fourth level has 7 trolls. There is also a gas trap triggered by a pressure plate when entering the large area.

There are 9 Ayleid Casks, 5 Ayleid Chests, 6 regular chests and 2 Ayleid Coffers with various loot.


  • Veyond
  • Veyond Mathmalatu / Home of Truth
  • Veyond Bangrara / Wear
  • Veyond Gandrasel / Hall of Gifts

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