Heita-Meen was a prominent member of Argonian society during the Three Banners War.[1] At this time, she is an Archcanon, which were the administrative rulers over sections of the Black Marsh province. Heita-Meen administrated "Argonian affairs at a tribal level."[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Heita-Meen was born a slave owned by House Dres. She eventually escaped by overwhelming the drunken guards watching Heita-Meen and her fellow slaves in a saltrice field, fleeing into the Thornmarsh. Unfortunately the escapees were captured by a group of Archeins, Argonians who sold their kin into slavery to the Dunmer. They were brought to Thorn to be resold as slaves.[2]

In Thorn, Heita-Meen was sent a vision from the Hist, warning her of the impending Second Akaviri Invasion. She saw this as a turning point for her people. Heita-Meen was to be whipped by Councilman Glathis Dres, but after the first lash she was able to grab the whip and strangled the Councilman to death with it. She then challenged the Archein centurion for her position by right of personal combat. The centurion was unable to refuse a direct challenge before her troops, and accepted. Heita-Meen slew her and ordered the troops and slaves at Thorn to march north into Stonefalls, where the Nords and Dunmer were about to engage the Akaviri army. Heita-Meen first marched to Stormhold, where she convinced more Argonians troops, including Shellbacks, to join the army heading to fight the Akaviri.[3]

The Argonian army under Heita-Meen arrived to find the Dunmer-Nord force already engaged, the Dunmer attacking from the east while the Nords attacked from the west. The Argonians attacked right down the center from the south, driving the Akaviri towards the sea where they were drowned or slain to the last man.[3]

The Rift[edit | edit source]

Heita-Meen also had a minor role in The Rift, appearing with other Ebonheart Pact allies at the battle for Honrich Tower.[source?]

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