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"This diplomatic mission is a farce. The Dominion should've taken Khenarthi's Roost by force, and sorted the rest out later."
―Vicereeve Pelidil[src]

Vicereeve Pelidil is an Altmer diplomat for the Aldmeri Dominion who can be found in Mistral. He is the author of the note Vicereeve Pelidil's Orders.


The Perils of Diplomacy[]

He will direct the Vestige inside the Chancery. Later, he will be seen arguing with Harrani about joining The Dominion.

Pelidil's End[]

The Witch of Silatar[]

Vicereeve Pelidil appears in a vision taking place on Silatar.


  • "Don't bother me, traveler. I must be ready to aid the Prince at a moments notice."