"None escape the Vigil. All come into the light."
Vigilants of Stendarr[src]

The Vigilants of Stendarr are a faction of warrior-priests and nomads,[3] dedicated to worship of Stendarr, the god of Mercy.

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History[edit | edit source]

Oblivion Crisis[edit | edit source]

Following the events of the Oblivion Crisis, the Vigilants of Stendarr were founded in order to hunt down the Daedra and Daedra worshippers.[1]

4E 201[edit | edit source]

During 4E 201, Moric Sidrey, one of the Vigilants of Stendarr, discovered the ruins of Ruunvald.[4] Moric was convinced that the ruin housed some artifact of great power, one which would aid the Vigilants.[5] After the discovery of several ore veins, the Vigilants chose to send more supplies, materials, and Vigilants in order to aid the project, as the project was proving to be a financial success.[6] Despite this, most of the voluntarily Vigilants agreed that the discovery of Moric was not worth the effort, their attitude changed when word came that the main chamber had been hit.[4] Which turned out to be a lie in order to draw more Vigilants to the ruin.[7][8][9] In a mere five days the majority of the Vigilants had become mind controlled by Minorne, an Altmer who wanted servants to do her bidding and worship her as a god.[9]

Tyranny of the Sun[edit | edit source]

Sometime during 4E 201 Vigilant Adalvald discovered Dimhollow Crypt, including its vampiric architecture within.[10] Shortly afterwards, Harkon, lord of the Volkihar Clan, discovered the Tyranny of the Sun Prophecy.[2]

When a vampire discovered the location of Dimhollow Crypt, Harkon sent out a group of vampires to retrieve his daughter and her Elder Scroll. The group, being led by Lokil, went to the Hall of the Vigilant and destroyed it.[2][11] Killing Keeper Carcette in the process.[11] Brother Adalvald, however, was captured and taken to the crypt.[11] After the vampires learned what they could from Adalvald, he was killed.[12]

Duty[edit | edit source]

The Vigilants hunt all sorts of creatures that prey on mortals, such as vampires, werewolves, and witches. However, their prime focus is on the daedra. The Vigilants consider the Daedra profane creatures with no hope of redemption, believing they lure people to their deaths and corrupt their souls with a touch.[1] For this reason the Vigilants try to hunt for Daedric artifacts, in order to prevent them from creating chaos and havoc on Tamriel.[1][13] These artifacts, if caught, are then brought to the Hall of the Vigilants, in Skyrim.[1][13] If Vigilants believe Daedra worshippers are located in a house, they enter the building armed with a weapon in order to hunt them down.[14][15]

The Vigilants are also willing to cure diseased people from their diseases, so long as they promise to never work with the Daedra.[1] Vigilants of Stendarr are usually armed with a mace, and wear robes alongside heavy boots and gauntlets.

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