Viinturuth (Dovahzul: VIiNTUrUTH) is a named leveled dragon found in the wilds of Skyrim. He speaks in native dragon tongue when in the presence of other dragons. He is aggressive, and uses fire or ice, depending on the Dragonborn's level and is often found in the company of Alduin, who will not join the fight but rather fly off to let the Dragonborn and Viinturuth fight.


Viinturuth can be found being resurrected by Alduin just West of Anga's Mill, by the roadside. An Apprentice-level locked chest with leveled loot is nearby. The resurrection normally happens during the quest Elder Knowledge after finding out the location of the Elder Scroll.

If the Dragonborn has defeated Alduin one of two things will happen; either Viinturuth will already be revived and roaming the mountains or he will remain in the burial mound. If the latter occurs it does not affect what happens.



  • The name "Viinturuth" translates to "Shine-Hammer-Rage" in Dovahzul.


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