"Yes, you've done as we agreed. Take this for your work. Now you will leave. Immediately. The secrets of the Spinner's shrine are not for outsiders."
―Vila Theran[src]

Vila Theran is a Dunmer posing as the head of the expedition looking to uncover the Spinner's Shrine within the Fungal Grotto.

While friendly at first, she reveals her true allegiance later on as a member of the Spider Cult and turns hostile.


Kings of the GrottoEdit

Lighting the ShadowsEdit


"We follow the ways of the Chimer, not the false gods of the Tribunal. We're servants of the Webspinner, whom Vivec usurped. Dunmer, goblin, or dreugh, we're all caught in the strands of the spider's web."

What is the shrine you're looking for? "[?]"


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