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Vindasel is an Ayleid Ruin located east along the road from the Clavicus Vile's Shrine, and west of Pell's Gate and the Old Bridge. Vindasel is located just southwest of the Imperial City.


In the early First Era, during the time of the Alessian Slave Rebellion, Vindasel was known for its unique brutality, with legends speaking of a "wailing wheel" where the Ayleids derived strange pleasure by subjecting slaves to "art-torture."[1]


The ruin has one level and there are merely rats and mudcrabs inside aside from Umbra. She took asylum after many years of challenging people to fights. She was obsessed with her sword Umbra that is able to capture souls, and always hungers for them.

In Vindasel there are two traps: a gas emitter and a dropping floor with spikes at the bottom. There are several welkynd stones on high pillars both alongside walls and in the middle of rooms. Either jump and reach for them (easiest with a high Acrobatics level) or shoot arrows to get them down. One may also use Flare, but it may be difficult to see where the stone went after hitting it. In order for Flare to knock the stone loose, it must be a direct hit (the crosshair must be directly on the stone — not next to it or near it, as Flare's "splash" won't knock it down).


Clavicus Vile[]

After giving Clavicus the offering of gold, he speaks of a sword he wishes to recover, "Umbra." When the statuette of Barbas is given, continue on to the next item on the agenda. After walking a bit, the statuette will speak, giving a short story before pleading to not return the sword to Clavicus Vile.