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Vine-Tongues: Introduction

So you want your own vine-tongue to tame and do your bidding? You have a tiny sprout and you need to know what to do next with your own little piece of shrubbery. Soon, with the help of my detailed instructions, you too will have a fully grown and tamed vine-tongue to bring joy into your life.

While savages like the Argonians of Murkmire may use these wonderful plants for barbaric means, I've learned how to train them to be something so much more—a true and faithful friend.

So follow my instructions, and remember, a vine-tongue isn't just part of your home. It's a part of your heart.


  • In order for one to reach the area were the note is located, they need to use the Fire-Rock memento acquired by completing a quest at Dead-Water Village. Hover the cursor over the Vine-Tongue in front of the entrance and proceed by activating the memento over it. It will pull the player towards it, giving access to the note.[source?]


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