Viola's Gold Ring is a ring in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is in the possession of Revyn Sadri. The ring appears as a standard gold ring with a 75 GoldIcon value.


  • If Revyn is asked if all items he sells are not stolen, he will admit that the gold ring belongs to Viola Giordano of Windhelm and will ask the Dragonborn to secretly return it to her house. He asks the Dragonborn to put the ring in the chest of drawers just to the right upon entering the house.
  • Completing the task will reward the Dragonborn with leveled amount of gold from Revyn Sadri.
  • Completing the task by just giving Viola the ring will result in Viola rewarding the Dragonborn with a leveled amount of gold; however, the quest will be considered a failed quest.


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