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Viola Giordano's House is a house in Windhelm that is owned by Viola Giordano. Inside contains mostly food and books, and 2–3 valuable potions. Like most houses in Windhelm, it consists of two floors, with the main hall/living area downstairs and the bedroom upstairs.


That Was Always There[]

Revyn Sadri, owner of Sadri's Used Wares in the Gray Quarter, will give the quest to return Viola's Ring to her home if asked if he is sure none of the things he sells are stolen. Entering her home may prove challenging, as her door has a Master level lock. However, it appears that the level of the lock is determined by the player's level. Lower levels, such as 14+, the lock will be an Expert lock. After entering her house, plant the ring in her dresser, and return to Revyn for a reward of gold.



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Occasionally, when attempting to complete the quest to return viola's ring, you can plant the ring but the quest will not give you directions to return to Sadri, rendering the quest incompletable.