Vision Quest is a side quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Arch-Mage Valeyn thinks his visions are somehow connected to the evil Magistrix Vox. However, before he could learn more, something blocked his magic.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Library
  2. Investigate the Library
  3. Talk to Lena Dalvel
  4. Talk to Tedras Relvi
  5. Examine the Gate
  6. Talk to Valeyn's Familiar
  7. Find Hadmar the Thin-Boned
  8. Find Lena's Lockbox
  9. Talk to Lena Dalvel
  10. Collect Illusion Dust: 0/6 – Collect Scorched Scamp: 0/5
  11. Go to Library Trap Door
  12. Talk to Tedras Relvi
  13. Find the Maulborn General
  14. Defeat the Maulborn General Darvasen
  15. Destroy the Jagged Lens of Compulsion
  • Return to the School
  1. Talk to Arch-Mage Valeyn
    1. Optional Steps: Talk to Lena Dalvel
  2. Talk to students at the Dock
  3. Talk to Lena Dalvel


Once the Vestige enters the library, they must walk through the hall, when doing so, they will be paralyzed, and will awaken in a prison. After speaking to Tedras Relvi, the Vestige will encounter a familiar, who is sent to help them and their compatriots, the familiar will open a portal to the instruction halls.

After entering the portal, the Vestige must find Hadmar the Thin-Boned, who can be found in the instructor housing. After this, the Vestige must find Lena's lockbox. When exiting the instructor housing, they will encounter enemy mages, which shall comprise the Maulborn's own mages, as well as entranced novice mages.

In order to find the lockbox, face the large rock exactly to the north a short distance from Hadmar's totem. The Vestige must use the totem to launch themself onto the rock, the lockbox is in the crevasse in the center of the rock.

After using the lockbox Lena will materialize, speak to her to advance the quest.

After speaking to Lena head down from the rock and search the surrounding area for scamps. In order to collect the scorched scamp hides you will have to use Lena's Improved Wand of Finding on them. Get within range of a scamp and use Lena's wand, this will cause a spell that shall last several seconds, but will kill the scamp instantly upon it's completion, the scamp will then yield a scorched scamp hide. Do this five times until five such hides have been collected.

In order to collect illusion dust head directly west from the location of the scamps until finding ghostly creatures roaming about, these creatures include nix-hounds and kagouti. Kill six such creatures, which will provide the necessary illusion dust, as well as ectoplasm and possibly, a selection of other loot.

After collecting the necessary ingredients, return to the library and head down the library trap door. Just before the door Tedras Relvi will appear, the Vestige must speak to him.

Now head down the trap door, the objective is to find the Maulborn General, Darvarsen, from the starting room take a left, and then take an immediate left. A hole in a wall guarded by two Maulborn soldiers can be found. Take these two and proceed through the tunnel, taking out any Maulborn soldiers in your way.

Darvarsen can be found at the end of the passage, flanked by two Oblivion portals which will spawn scamps during the fight. Darvarsen himself will use fire magic against, and is quite resilient to damage. Keep the pressure on against him whilst evading his fire attacks and healing when damaged, and the Vestige shall prevail.

When Darvarsen falls turn the Vestige turns their attention to the large crystal, the Jagged Lens of Compulsion, in the middle of the room, flanked by enslaved students. Destroy it.

After destroying the Jagged Lens the Vestige will spawn in a room near Lena Dalvel, speak to her to complete the optional objective.

With that done leave the building, bypassing jubilant dancing students. Head southwards towards Arch-Mage Valeyn, speak to him.

After speaking with the Arch-Mage, head south to the dock and speak with the students there. In reality, the Vestige only have to speak to Lena, she wants to say goodbye before they return to Mournhold. The students want to give the Vestige a present, which Lena will gift to them.

With that conversation complete the Shad Astula quest line is now complete. Shad Astula is now safe from the Maulborn invaders.


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