Vision Quest is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Arch-Mage Valeyn thinks his visions are somehow connected to the evil Magistrix Vox. Unfortunately, before he could learn more, something blocked his magic.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Library
  2. Investigate the Library
  3. Talk to Lena Dalvel
  4. Talk to Tedras Relvi
  5. Examine the Gate
  6. Talk to Valeyn's Familiar
  7. Find Hadmar the Thin-Boned
  8. Find Lena's Lockbox
  9. Talk to Lena Dalvel
  10. Collect Illusion Dust: 0/6 - Collect Scorched Scamp: 0/5
  11. Go to Library Trap Door
  12. Talk to Tedras Relvi
  13. Find the Maulborn General
  14. Defeat the Maulborn General Darvasen
  15. Destroy the Jagged Lens of Compulsion
  • Return to the School
  1. Talk to Arch-Mage Valeyn
    1. Optional Steps: Talk to Lena Dalvel
  2. Talk to students at the Dock
  3. Talk to Lena Dalvel


Once The Vestige enters the library, they must walk through the hall, when doing so, they will be paralyzed, and they will awaken in a prison. After speaking to Tedras Relvi, they will encounter a Familiar, who is sent to help them, and opens a portal to the Instruction halls. After entering the portal, they must find Hadmar the Thin-Boned, who will be in the Instructor Housing. They must find Lena's Lockbox. When exiting the Instructor Housing, they will encounter enemy mages.

When going to find The lockbox, they will encounter daedra. When at Hadmar's Totem, they will encounter a puzzle. 



  • This quest completes the Shad Astula objective.
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