"Vilena Donton's eldest son. Good man. We lost him on a botched mission recently. You've probably seen the other wounded around."
Modryn Oreyn[src]
Vitellus Donton quote

Vitellus Donton was the son of Vilena Donton and the older brother of Viranus Donton. Vitellus was supposed to be next in line to inherit leadership of the Guild from his mother when she retired or died.

During a mission to recover an artifact from Azani Blackheart Vitellus was one of twenty men to go in with Modryn Oreyn. The battle proved too great for them and they were forced to retreat. Vitellus covered the escape and was killed holding off the enemy.

After his death, his mother became extremely protective of his brother, never allowing him to go on any contracts, fearing he would end up like Vitellus.


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