Vittoria Vici's House is a house found in Solitude in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is situated just to the northwest of Proudspire Manor.


Vittoria Vici's house is a three-story building with a cellar/basement on the ground floor and two living floors on top. It is the home of Vittoria Vici and Aquillius Aeresius. In the basement there is a cooking pot, food and vegetables, various ingredients and a display case.

On the first floor of the living quarters are bookcases with various books, a seating area and there is an additional room with a fireplace and seating with some foods on the table and some items on the shelves. The bedroom is on the top floor. On a shelf outside the bedroom is a drum and a flute.

All three doors are locked with an apprentice level lock.

Notable itemsEdit


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