Vivec's Ashmask is an item in the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Ashmask is a holy relic of the Tribunal Temple, which can not be taken by the Nerevarine. It sits in the Gnisis Temple. When activated, a message about a feat of generosity that Vivec accomplished appears: When a farmer fell ill and wanted to receive a cure from the shrine, but could not afford the gold needed for a blessing. Vivec then cured him for free, and declared that anyone not able to afford a blessing wouldn't need to worry, and left his mask as a symbol of that statement.


Pilgrimages of the Seven GracesEdit

The Nerevarine must journey to Gnisis to receive the shrine's blessing. During the "Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces," the Nerevarine must visit and make a donation at the shrine. This will teach the Nerevarine Vivec's Touch, a unique spell which confers Cure Blight Disease and Cure Common Disease on touch when cast.



  • The Ashmask on display is actually a fake. There is a hidden room with the actual mask, which the Nerevarine can use to receive blessings.
  • Ironically, Temple shrines will not let the Nerevarine receive a blessing if they cannot afford it.


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