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The Vivec, Foreign Quarter is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



It is a large canton located in Vivec City. Within the canton, many merchants, trainers, and characters, of different races, and creeds can be found.


The Foreign Quarter was formerly the only canton that outlanders could visit. Local law was amended to allow travelers access to the entire City. Located in the northern part of the cantons in Vivec, it is a large structure the size of a small town, which houses an extra level, it is the only canton in the city to do so. The canton itself can be separated into six different sub locations:

Foreign Quarter Plaza

Vivec's Fighters Guild

When first entering the plaza, two buildings on each side can be seen, and several characters walking around. Inside the Vivec Fighters Guild, to the left, there is a chest labeled 'fighters guild equipment,' with various items inside for the members only. There are two corridors, one has a locked large chest. The second corridor leads to the lower level, where the guilds training area is located. In this room there is a locked chest, a Dwemer Left Bracer, a locked closet, and a Master's Armorer's Hammer. Inside Sjoring Hard-Heart's private quarters, one can find two chests, both locked, and the Unarmored, Skill Book, The Wraith's Wedding Dowry. On the lower level in the guilds' sleeping quarters, there are multiple unlocked chests and one locked chest with varying amounts of Gold inside, everything is owned.

Vivec's Mages Guild

Inside the Vivec Mages Guild there is also a supply chest, containing various items for the members. On the other side of the room there are two chests, small and large, both of which are locked. On the second level, six Soul Gems can be found on a dresser, as well as three Petty Soul Gems and three Common Soul Gems. On the bottom level, the Arch-Mages private quarters contains a small locked chest, A Game at Dinner Alchemy skill book on the table, and a large locked chest. Up the stairs and on the right, the quarters of Cractia Jullalian can be found, located within, is a locked wooden chest on a cabinet the Mysticism skill book The Firsthold Revolt and three unlocked small chests, with various ingredients inside. Further, the private quarters of Sirilonwe can be found. Inside, on a table, there is a small locked chest, also within are two small locked chests, and Sirilonwe's personal chest.

Foreign Quarter Plaza

On the main plaza, Alusaron's smith, and Ralen Tilvur's smith provide weapons and armor trading services.



The following characters can be found in this location:

Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks

In the Lower Waistworks, there are several doors leading to the Upper Waistworks, the Canalworks, or back to Vivec. Down a hall there are merchant shops, the first one is the alchemist services of Andilu Drothan. Inside her quarters there are various ingredients. The next is the apothecary services of Aurane Frernis, in her quarters one can find the Master's Mortar and Pestle to increase potion strength, as well as her recipes. At the end of the hall is the shop Jobasha's Rare Books, which houses the largest selection of books in the province. Jobasha sells and buys books. There are several chests and an Ordinator guarding the shop. At the end of the opposite hall is the tavern, the Black Shalk Cornerclub, which houses many characters. In another hall one can find the enchanting services of Miun-Gei, here the Nerevarine can buy soul gems and other miscellaneous items.



The following characters can be found in this location:

Foreign Quarter Upper Waistworks

On the top level of the Upper Waistworks, there are three merchants, each selling various items. All three of them, have locked chests. Next to Rolasa Oren, one can find an Apprentice Mortar and Pestle, and an Apprentice Alembic. There are only two ways in or out of this location, through the Lower Waistworks, or from outside.


The following characters can be found in this location:

Foreign Quarter Canalworks

There are two different sections of the Canalworks, that can be reached, from the Lower Waistworks, through the Tomb, or from the Underworks. There will be trap doors leading to the Underworks, and doors leading to the Tomb. The tomb contains several leveled creatures. Inside, merchants and skill trainers can be found. Behind Simine Fralinie: Bookseller is a locked door where two Thieves Guild members can be found, as well as two locked chests.


The following characters can be found in this location:

Foreign Quarter Underworks

Inside the Underworks, that serve as sewers to the whole canton. Murkub gro-Ushul will be standing guard outside Ibishammus, a Daedric shrine dedicated to Malacath. Inside two of his associates are guarding the shrine, these are hostile towards the Nerevarine.

Characters and creatures

The following characters and creatures can be found in this location:

Foreign Quarter Tomb

Within the tomb, there are several leveled undead and rats. In the first room there is a door, which houses a small bowl containing Gold. Further inside the tomb, there is a locked chest at the top of some stairs.


The following creatures may be found in this location:


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Main Quest

Vivec Informants

Speak with three informants about the Nerevarine Prophecy, the Nerevarine Cult, and the Sixth House located in Vivec City.

Vivec Mages Guild Quests

Catch a Spy

Discover the Telvanni spy, who has infiltrated the guild.

Chronicles of Nchuleft

Collect a copy of Chronicles of Nchuleft, located in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Waistworks.

Steal Chimarvamidium

Find the book Chimarvamidium for Edwinna Elbert. It can be found in Sirilonwe's quarters.

Return Chimarvamidium

Return the book Chimarvamidium to Sirilonwe.

Vampires of Vvardenfell, Vol II

Find the book Vampires of Vvardenfell, Book II for Skink-in-Tree's-Shade. The book can be bought from Jobasha's Rare Books for 400 Gold.

A Wizard's Staff

The Nerevarine must speak with a Mages Guild member with the rank of wizard or higher. Then collect a wizards staff, once retrieving one, return to any Mages Guild hall to earn the promotion. One can speak to Malven Romori, to start and end this quest.

Galur Rithari's Papers

Talk with Jobasha, to learn possible locations of the book Galur Rithari's Papers.

Mystery of the Dwarves

In the last three quests from Edwinna Elbert the Nerevarine, should have acquired the three following books: Hanging Gardens, Divine Metaphysics, and The Egg of Time. Show them to multiple characters, then return to Trebonius Artorius.

Kill the Telvanni Councilors

The Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius, has requested for the Nerevarine, to kill all the Telvanni councilors.


Become the new guildmaster of the Mages Guild.

Vivec Fighters Guild Quests

Juicedaw Ring

Collect the Juicedaw Feather Ring from Nar gro-Shagramph, for Lorbumol gro-Aglakh located in the Vivec Foreign Quarter.

Silence Tongue-Toad

Either kill or tell Tongue-Toad to leave town, for Lorbumol gro-Aglakh.

Dro'Sakhar's Bounty

Kill the Khajiit thief Dro'Sakhar, who has a bounty on his head, for Lorbumol gro-Aglakh.

Lirielle's Debt

Collect the debt from the thief Lirielle Stoine, for Lorbumol gro-Aglakh.

Vandacia's Bounty

Kill and collect the bounty on the taxman Adraria Vandacia, for Lorbumol gro-Aglakh.

Alleius' Bounty

Kill and collect the bounty on the magistrate Rufinus Alleius, for Lorbumol gro-Aglakh.

Remove Sjoring's Supporters

Embark for the Fighters Guild in the Vivec Foreign Quarter, and kill the corrupt Lorbumol gro-Aglakh for Percius Mercius.

Remove the Heads of the Thieves Guild

Kill Big Helende, Sugar-Lips Habasi, and Aengoth the Jeweler, for Sjoring Hard-Heart.

Kill the Master Thief

Kill Gentleman Jim Stacy, for Sjoring Hard-Heart.

Kill Hard-Heart

Kill the leader of the Fighters Guild Sjoring Hard-Heart, for Percius Mercius.

Thieves Guild Quests

Find Brother Nads

Search for the missing guild member Nads Tharen.

Speak with Percius

Speak with Percius Mercius for ways that the Thieves Guild, can do to fight back against the Camonna Tong.

The Bitter Cup

Persuade a Cammona Tong member to betray the faction.

Hrundi's Lover

Persuade a member of the Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild to join the Thieves Guild.

The Brothers Ienith

Kill the two brothers in the Comanna Tong faction.

Kill Hard-Heart

Kill the leader of the Fighter Guild, to remove the Camonna Tong influence from the guild.

The Hlervu Locket

Steal a locket and give it to Braynas Hlervu.

Yngling's Ledger

Find the proof of Yngling Half-Trolls corruption.

Land Deed

Help Indrele Rathryon, by stealing a land deed from the Vivec Library. So she doesn't lose her home.


Return the stolen Glass Dagger to Salyn Sarethi.

Brallion's Ring

Steal the ring from Brallion, and give it to Ilmeni Dren.

Books for Vala

Steal all 4 versions of the book Brief History of the Empire in Odral Helvis private quarters.

The Dwemer Goblet

Steal a Large Dwemer Goblet from Berel Sala, and give it to Danso Indules.

Vampire Quests

Shashev's Key

If the Nerevarine is a vampire, Sirilonwe will request to have a mage be killed for her.

Dust of the Vampire

If the Nerevarine is a vampire, Sirilonwe will ask to find her three Vampire Dust.

House Hlaalu Quests

Alchemical Formulas

Steal a copy of Aurane Frernis's recipes, for Nileno Dorvayn, located in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Waistworks.

Guard Ralen Tilvur

Once speaking with Ralen about his shop, which keeps getting broken into at night. Kill the thief responsible.

Guar Hide Squeeze

Persuade Rolasa to buy the Guar Hides from House Hlaalu.

Escort Tarvyn Faren

Meet with Tarvyn Faren on the road north of Vivec City. Then Escort him to Pelagiad.

Imperial Cult Quests

Pledge from Canctunian Ponius

Collect a 1000 Gold pledge from the East Empire Company located in Ebonheart.

Shirt and Vest for Harvest's End

Gather a red shirt and black vest for the Harvest's End festival. It is possible to buy these items from Agrippina Herennia.

House Telvanni Quests

Dwemer Books

Collect the three books Nchunak's Fire and Faith, Chronicles of Nchuleft, and Antecedents of Dwemer Law. Two of which can be purchased from Jobasha's Rare Books, in the Vivec Foreign Quarter. The Chronicles of Nchuleft and Antecedents of Dwemer Law.

Morag Tong Quests

A Contact in the Dark Brotherhood

Speak with Miun-Gei, in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Waistworks, to learn about Tsrazami.

Daedric Quests

Boethiah's Quest

Purchase the book Boethiah's Glory, from Jobasha's Rare Books, in the Vivec Foreign Quarter.

Miscellaneous Quests

A Man and His Guar

Escort Teris Raledran, to the clothier Agrippina Herennia, located in the Vivec Foreign Quarter.

A Friend in Deed

Steal a contract for Alusaron, from Ralen Tilvur, located in the Foreign Quarter Plaza.

An Apothecary Slandered

Confront Domalen about the leaflets he has been handing out.

Roland's Tear

Embark for Ald Sotha, and collect 5 Roland's Tears flowers.

The Dwemer's Bone

Plant a Dwarven Bone in a chest near Jeanne's bed.

Ahnassi, a Special Friend

Purchase the book Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma Eater, from Jobasha's Rare Books in the Vivec Foreign Quarter.

Free the Slaves

Once the Nerevarine has freed 30 slaves, talk with Jobasha in the Vivec Foreign Quarter. He will bestow three skill books as a reward.

The Bad Actor

Speak with Miun-Gei, about Marcel Maurard, who has been loitering outside of his shop.

A Rash of Insults

Help Tarer Braryn, who has been cursed by the Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius.

Mysterious Killings in Vivec

Locate and kill the Dreamer Prophet, in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Underworks.



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