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"St. Delyn Canton and St. Olms Canton are residence cantons for commoners and paupers. The Temple charges very reasonable rents for comfortable workshops, shops, and apartments, and most of Vvardenfell's crafts and light industry is housed in these cantons. The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise is on the top tier of St. Delyn, and Hlaalu Councilor Yngling Half-Troll has a top-tier manor on St. Olms."
―Vivec inhabitants[src]

Vivec, St. Olms Canton is one of the eight cantons in Vivec City. It serves mainly as a residence canton.

Description[edit | edit source]

The canton is named after Saint Olms the Just. As most of the other cantons, St. Olms Canton is organized on three main levels, and a sewer system. Many Merchants can be found in the Waistworks and in the Plaza, which also, holds many residences. These two areas form the main sections of the building. From the Waistworks, the lower level, the St. Olms Canalworks, can be accessed, while the St. Olms Underworks, located under the Canalworks, serves as hideout for outlaws and hostile creatures.

St. Olms Canton is connected to other cantons through multiple bridges which link it directly to the Arena, the St. Delyn Canton and the Temple Canton. Dram Bero and Yngling Half-Troll, two of the House Hlaalu Councilors, reside there.

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